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MLK Park Grand Opening

Wednesday, June 15, 2024
3:00 PM

In January 2014 a City of Davenport task force, gathered by former City of Davenport Mayor Gluba, created a plan to build the first formal memorial of Dr. King in the City of Davenport. Now, eight years later, we are ready to make this vision a reality.

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The Location

501 Brady Street was chosen for this project in light of its local historical significance.

Serving as a nexus for black excellence and resilience, this project hopes to preserve and display the history of Davenport as it relates to people of color.

The Plan

The design renderings for the MLK Park show a true community space for gathering, learning, remembrance, and celebration.

The entrance of the park is framed by a large stone arch in the silhouette of Rev. Dr. King. A reminder as you enter the space, of what it stands for.

The park will be surrounded by standing displays which will serve as living historical exhibits. The content will be regularly updated to keep the community returning and learning.

Spaces for gathering abound. A stage will provide space for talks and performances, benches create places to linger, and the V-shaped pavement creates shape perfect for farmers markets and vendor fairs.

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The Benefits

City parks encourage active lifestyles and reduce health costs. People with access to parks are more likely to exercise which reduces anxiety and depression.

Local involvement and greening of vacant urban land has been shown to decrease crime and foster a sense of community among residents.

Parks attract residents and businesses, increase revenue for cities, spur private investment, and increase job opportunities.

City parks help clean the air and improve public health by filtering rain, reducing water pollution and helping cool our cities.

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